Call History
Roof Collapse Investigated
Thu. Jul 10th 2008

Station 46 dispatched for a reported roof collapse in Nottingham Township with a possible homeless man inside. Chief 46(A.Hackinson) arrived on scene with an abandoned structure that appears to have a partial roof collapse that occurred some time ago. Chief 46 requested 14(New Eagle) and 26(Finleyville) to scene with manpower to assist in the search. Washington County Sheriffs Unit spoke with neighbors and determined that the man was not inside. All units cleared.

Excerpt taken from the Observer Reporter Briefs Section:

"Valley Inn Volunteer Fire Department investigated a report of a roof collapse Thursday in Nottingham Township.

Fire Chief Art Hackinson said someone called Columbia Gas to report that a roof on a Pine Lane residence had collapsed and that a homeless man had been living there.

Hackinson said Thursday that the roof already had collapsed, and that a search of the home revealed that the building was empty"

45 entries in the Call History

45 entries in the Call History

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